Is Carnival Sunrise a good ship?

Is Carnival Sunrise a good ship?

The 2,984-passenger Carnival Sunrise is NOT a quiet ship. It bustles day and night, with constant activity. If you’re into sunning and swimming, you can join the crowds on the pool deck, or find a comfy day bed on the adults-only Serenity Deck.

Has the Carnival Sunshine been refurbished?

Carnival Cruise Lines invested over $155 million to expand and refit the Carnival Destiny. The transformed ship has been renamed the Carnival Sunshine….Carnival Sunshine Entertainment.

Carnival Sunshine
Year Last Refurbished 2019
Capacity 3,006 passengers
Decks 12
Tonnage 102,853

Where is the Carnival Sunshine ship right now?

port CADIZ
The vessel is currently at port CADIZ, ES after a voyage of 14 days, 6 hours originating from port MIAMI, US.

What to do on Carnival Sunshine Cruise ship?

On Carnival Sunshine, everything the sunlight touches has been drenched with an extra dose of fun. Spend your days in the warm rays and enjoy all the fun a cruise ship has to offer. See photos, deck plans, staterooms, onboard activities, and itinerary options.

How old is the Carnival Sunshine Cruise ship?

Carnival Sunshine is not a new ship; it’s a completely refurbished 17-year-old ship — formerly Carnival Destiny — with an array of new features that include bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, 182 new cabins and even a new partial deck.

What’s the dress code for the Carnival Sunshine?

Carnival Sunshine Dress Code. Daytime:During the day, beachy or port-specific attire is the norm. Evening:Carnival’s evening dress code is typically “cruise casual,” but on two nights during the voyage “cruise elegant” eveningwear is suggested.

Who are the passengers on the Carnival Sunshine?

Carnival attracts an outgoing set of North American couples, families and multigenerational groups. The average passenger is in the 40’s and more than 90 percent of its passenger base is American. Daytime: During the day, beachy or port-specific attire is the norm.