Is a St Bernard a good family dog?

Is a St Bernard a good family dog?

Known to be loving, gentle and tolerant in spite of its size, Saint Bernards are a good with families with well-behaved children. The food requirement for a Saint Bernard may be lower than for other breeds of similar size because his temperament is more placid and it needs less exercise.

Do St Bernards bark a lot?

A Saint Bernard is a giant-size breed and although they are generally quiet inside, they are not best suited to apartments. Saint Bernards are not known for barking without cause. Saint Bernards are a short-lived breed, usually only 8 to 10 years. The Saint Bernard should not live outdoors away from his family.

Are St Bernards smart?

Saint Bernards are gentle giants. They’re calm and patient, with an eagerness to please. This easy-going temperament makes the dog a great choice for a family pet. They’re very intelligent, so training is easy, but it’s important to start at a young age while they’re still small and easy to control.

Is a Saint Bernard the right dog breed for You?

A Saint Bernard may not be right for you . Keep in mind that the inheritance of temperament is less predictable than the inheritance of physical traits such as size or shedding. Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training. You can avoid some negative traits by choosing an ADULT dog from an animal shelter or rescue group.

Is the St Bernards the strongest dog?

They are fearful and powerful. They are trained for rescue missions in the Alps and it is because they are one of the strongest dog breeds in the world. They get socialized easily and they are very loyal. St. Bernards are giant dogs and they weigh between 140-260 lb (65-120 kg), but sometimes they can reach up to 310 lb (140 kg).

Are St. Bernards good dogs?

Keep in mind that an unruly dog of this size presents a problem for even a strong adult if it is to be exercised in public areas on a leash, so take control from the onset. The Saint Bernard makes a good watchdog; even its size is a good deterrent. This breed tends to drool after drinking or eating.

Is the St Bernard the biggest dog in the world?

A St. Bernard named Benedictine holds the world record for the Heaviest Dog Ever. Benedictine, who displaced Zorba as the heaviest dog of all time, is said to have weighed 357 pounds. Find out why your dog freaks out during a thunderstorm .