Is 60/40 PG VG good?

Is 60/40 PG VG good?

60 / 40 mix of VG and PG in your e-liquid can produce great vapor and more flavor. If you like, you can use a mix of both PG and VG in particular ratios, such as 70 VG / 30 PG. This is the optimum ratio for most users as it provides a nice throat hit, good flavor, as well as tons of vapor production.

What is the best PG to VG ratio?

The recommended PG/VG ratio for beginners is 50/50. After consuming this ratio for some time, they can make adjustments in the subsequent orders. If the throat hit does not seem satisfactory, try 70/30 PG/VG mix. If your concern is exhaling large dense clouds, adjust it to a 30/70 PG/VG.

What’s the difference between PG E liquid and VG e liquid?

Propylene Glycol (PG) e-liquid is a much thinner liquid . PG e-liquid produces more of a “throat hit” than VG e-liquid does, which simulates the feel of smoking better. PG e-liquid also has a higher rate of sensitivity for some people, meaning that some people just can’t use PG in their vape.

What is the difference between PG and VG?

The PG (Propylene Glycol) is fluid. It is an excellent flavor enhancer and promotes the Hit (feeling in the throat when you are vaping) that the new user is generally looking for. The VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is thick. The VG is necessary for the vaporization of the e-liquid of your electronic cigarette.

Why do you need VG and PG in vape juice?

The VG is necessary for the vaporization of the e-liquid of your electronic cigarette. It brings roundness to your e-liquid and promotes the production of steam. PG VG is not to be taken lightly, because it makes up between 80 and 95% of the total capacity of your e-liquid!

How much nicotine is in VG e liquid?

The amount of nicotine is dependent on the strength of nicotine in your e-liquid, but let’s say it is around 10% nicotine. Somewhere around 10% of your e-liquid will be flavoring.