How was the Boddie plantation used at Tougaloo College?

How was the Boddie plantation used at Tougaloo College?

In 1869, the American Missionary Association of New York purchased five hundred acres of land from John Boddie, owner of the Boddie Plantation, to establish a school for the training of young people “irrespective of religious tenets and conducted on the most liberal principles for the benefit of our citizens in general …

Who was Tougaloo College founded by?

American Missionary Association
Tougaloo College is one of the United States’ premier historically black colleges and universities. The American Missionary Association (AMA) founded Tougaloo in 1869. Early in that year the AMA had commissioned Allen P. Huggins, a former Union officer, to look for land for a normal-agricultural school.

When did Dr beittel leave Tougaloo College?

When did Dr beittel leave Tougaloo College? Beittel resigned in September 1964. Observers alternately accused the Board of Trustees, Brown University, the Ford Foundation, and the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission of conspiring against Beittel and precipitating his departure.

Who are the alumni of Kappa Alpha Psi?

Ventura (CA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Chartered April 30, 1977. In 1959 at Jackson State University George Sims was initiated into the Delta Delta Chapter. In the same month Brother Sims went to Tougaloo College, Gamma Rho Chapter, to aid in the initiation of Milton Harrion.

When did Illinois Institute of Technology join Kappa Alpha Psi?

Illinois Institute of Technology was formed in 1940 by the merger of Armour Institute of Technology (founded in 1890) and Lewis Institute (founded in 1895). Replaced by the Kappa Phi Chapter chartered in 1981. Was originally Kentucky State Industrial College for Colored Persons but in 1938 became Kentucky State College for Negroes.

When did Tougaloo University become a teacher training school?

The Mississippi State Legislature granted the institution a charter under the name of “Tougaloo University” in 1871. The Normal Department was recognized as a teacher training school until 1892, at which time the College ceased to receive aid from the state.

When did Tougaloo College change its name to sci?

In 1916, the name of the institution was changed to Tougaloo College. Six years after Tougaloo College’s founding, the Home Missionary Society of the Disciples of Christ obtained a charter from the Mississippi State Legislature to establish Southern Christian Institute (SCI) in Edwards, Mississippi.