How reliable is BMW 320i E90?

How reliable is BMW 320i E90?

Generally they are quite reliable. I would always recommend you buy a decent aftermarket warrantee and I believe it is even possible to extend the BMW motorplan to 7yrs/200 000kms. This car might still be eligible.

What engine does a E90 320i have?

The BMW E90 3 Series 320i has a Inline 4, Petrol engine with 1995 cm3 / 121.7 cu-in capacity.

Is E90 the best BMW?

If you’re looking for a reliable used BMW, the E90 3 Series is arguably your best modern bet. Especially the non-turbocharged 325i, 328i, and 330i models, which have the N52 BMW inline-6 engine. However, no car is immune from maintenance or reliability issues, including BMWs.

Is there a problem with the BMW 320i engine?

I had a similar problem on a E90 318i a few years ago (same engine as a 320 I believe just detuned). Occasionally the car would start in the morning and the warning light would come on straight away and it wouldn’t idle properly, it kept jumping between approx 700 and 1100 rpm.

Are there any problems with the BMW E90?

Symptoms are significantly less noticeable than the valve cover gasket but sometimes you will have 1) oil leaking on to the front of the engine, and/or 2) oil leaking down the driver’s side of the engine block. The Vanos itself is pretty reliable on the E90, but these vehicles utilize two Vanos solenoids.

Where can I find parts for MY BMW 320i?

Our extensive catalog of BMW 320i parts is easy to search you can try searches like: BMW 320i Filters , BMW 320i Spark Plugs and browse through our extensive inventory. If you’re doing a larger repair job then try browsing BMW 320i parts using the category selector to your left or using our advanced vehicle and category selector above.

What causes an oil leak on a BMW E90?

Symptoms typically include 1) leaking oil on the side of the head, 2) potentially a burning oil smell, and 3) in worst-case scenarios you may have smoke coming from the engine bay. If there is smoke, it is caused by oil dripping onto the exhaust manifold and then burning off.