How old was Ryan Sheckler when he started skateboarding?

How old was Ryan Sheckler when he started skateboarding?

Sheckler starred in four seasons of the short-format video series Sheckler Sessions on Red Bull TV . Sheckler was raised in a family of three children—his two younger brothers are named Shane and Kane. Sheckler was introduced to skateboarding when he discovered his father’s skateboard at the age of two years.

Where did Ryan Sheckler skate in Plan B?

Sheckler appeared in the final section of Plan B’s Superfuture promotional video, released in 2008, which also consisted of footage from Sheckler’s Mega Ramp skateboarding. The Superfuture part also featured a historic trick that Sheckler completed at a location known as the “Costco gap.”

Who was on the cover of Skateboard Mag?

Skateboard photographer Atiba Jefferson and filmer Ricki Bedenbaugh were present when Sheckler completed the trick, and both recalled in 2013 that they were very nervous due to the degree of difficulty involved. The trick was finalized on the fourth try and led to Sheckler appearing on the cover of The Skateboard Mag magazine, which Jefferson shot.

Who are the major sponsors of Ryan Sheckler?

As of November 2014, Sheckler is sponsored by Volcom, Red Bull, Etnies, Plan B, Lume Cube, Oakley, Inc., Nixon, GoPro, Independent Trucks, Grizzly Griptape, CCS, Andale, Diamond Supply Co., and Ethika.

He is best known for becoming one of the youngest professional skateboarders ever, and has his own show on MTV. Sheckler was born in San Clemente, California. When he was just 18 months old, Sheckler found his dad’s old-school skateboard. Sheckler taught himself to push it around using one knee, and eventually stood up on the skateboard.

What did Ryan Sheckler do for a living?

In 2005, Sheckler finished third in the street event at the World Championship of Skateboarding in Munster, Germany. In skateboarding circles, Sheckler is known for the eponymous “ Shecklair ” move, a combination of a kickflip, stiffy and an indy air completed with the legs fully extended.

Where did Ryan Sheckler finish in the 2003 season?

Sheckler finished the 2003 season ranked first in the world in the street discipline, having taken first place in the event at the Gravity Games and third place in the event at the United States Skateboarding Championships

How did Ryan Sheckler get Burns on his foot?

Although skateboarding consumes much of his time, Ryan also enjoys motocross, surfing, snowboarding, and golf. Sheckler got 2nd degree burns on his foot during a 4th of July barbecue in 2006 from stepping on a barbecue grill.