How much is Oru Kayak?

How much is Oru Kayak?


Oru Inlet Oru Bay ST
Price $899 $1,499
Best for Day trips on calm water with a dog or small child Longer days, backcountry paddling, and fishing
Experience Level Beginner Beginner – Advanced

Is Oru Kayak successful?

To date, we’ve sold and shipped over 3,000 kayaks across the globe, demoed the Oru Kayak before a national TV audience on ABC’s Shark Tank, and tripled our staff. Our successful Kickstarter campaign enabled us to hit the ground running, but it also created unexpected challenges.

What is Oru Kayak made of?

Today, Oru uses only a single layer of double-layered, recyclable plastic for its kayaks. The entire boat only weighs 26 pounds, half the weight of a comparable plastic or fiberglass boat.

Which is the best Oru kayak to buy?

Check out the Oru Kayak on Amazon! The Oru Kayak Coast XT is the top of the line model, designed from bow to stern to stand up to harsh wind and surf that is found in more extreme waters. This kayak is perfect for Pros looking for an adventure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable.

How big is the ORU Bay coast XT kayak?

Weighing only 34 pounds, it is easy to take it on the go, and the Coast XT is great for overnight camping trips and hikes, as well as overnight tours. The Oru Bay kayak’s design and construction is tailor-made for those seeking the most out of both their kayaks and their lives.

Can a Oru kayak be checked on a plane?

Oru Kayaks are made of skin that can withstand many folds, which allows you to fold the boat and pack it inside the Oru Pack. The Oru Pack protects the kayak and makes transportation easier, whether you are traveling in your car, pick-up truck, or taking a flight. The Oru Kayak can be checked as luggage on a plane.

How long does it take to assemble an Oru kayak?

Despite the company’s claim that you can eventually assemble in 5 minutes, it will always take 20 minutes if you include safety checks and last minute adjustments. Unless, you’ve had ten cups of coffee, i can’t imagine someone assembling as fast as 5 minutes — even after it’s broken in and the folds loosen up.