How much is a 4G football pitch?

How much is a 4G football pitch?

Construction and cost If you’ve decided to splash out for a 4G pitch, that cost would rise to £35,000. Standard 5-a-side goals are 12 x 4ft.

Are 3G pitches allowed in the Football League?

Recently the Conference League changed its rules to allow synthetic 3G pitches to be allowed in the Conference National League, (the League that feeds into the Football League). This follows on from the FA’s decision in 2014 to allow artificial surfaces to be used in all rounds of the FA Cup.

Can you wear football boots on a 4G pitch?

Wearing football boots with metal studs on a 4G pitch can damage the surface and even cause injury to the player. We also wouldn’t recommend wearing leather footwear if you’re playing on artificial turf as the plastic carpet can scratch the shoe material.

Is a 3G pitch the same as Astroturf?

3G football turf consists of plastic fibres combined with a rubber crumb infill. This is not to be confused with 2G artificial turf. While that also consists of plastic fibres, 2G turf uses a sand infill, rather than a rubber crumb infill.

What’s the difference between a 3G and a 4G football pitch?

4G stands for Fourth Generation and is a form of artificial pitch made up from synthetic grass. The difference between 4G and 3G pitches is that 4G pitches don’t require any infill such as the rubber crumb found on 3G pitches.

How tall is 3G grass in a football pitch?

Typically, 3G carpet has a longer pile height (carpet pile height can vary from 40mm to 65mm) and is used in some of the world’s best artificial grass pitches. 3G grass has received accreditation as the latest artificial grass technology.

Are there any community 3G pitches in Wales?

Sport Wales are working with us to create more 3G pitches to help get people people active. They offer funding for community 3G pitches here.

Are there any 3G pitches that are floodlit?

Our 3G pitches are the perfect home for you and your mates. Floodlit and perfect in any conditions, because we know your kick-about matters. Your kick-about or weekly block booking is just a click away. Enquire today to check pitch availability times, off-peak prices and more.