How much does a Fatburger franchise cost?

How much does a Fatburger franchise cost?

Fatburger Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Fatburger Franchise Income. Fatburger’s franchise fee is $50,000, though the total investment is estimated between $462,000 and $770,000. Franchisees must have a net worth of at least $1.5 million, with no less than $500,000 of that available in liquid assets.

Who is Fatburger owned by?

FAT Brands
Some Fatburger restaurants have liquor licenses as well as Fat Bars. Its franchise headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California. In addition to the United States, the chain operates in 19 other countries….Fatburger.

Type Private
Parent FAT Brands

What is the cheapest burger franchise?

There are many burger franchises available in the U.S., but here are the most affordable burger franchises to invest in.

  • Jack In The Box.
  • Hardees.
  • Sonic.
  • McDonald’s.
  • Elevation Burger.
  • Smash Burger.
  • Checkers.
  • Hwy 55, Burgers, Shakes and Fries. This franchisor only requires $125,000 for the initial investment.

Are there any franchise opportunities for Fatburger restaurants?

Opportunities. Select U.S. and International markets are available for franchise development. Fatburger is seeking both single-unit and multi-unit franchisee candidates to develop restaurants in both new and existing markets. Join the FAT family.

When was the first Fatburger opened in Pakistan?

In January 2013, Fatburger opened its first branch in Karachi, Pakistan. Owing to the success of the burgers and positive response in Pakistan, Fatburger opened its biggest flagship outlet globally in June 2013 in Lahore.

Where are the Fatburger fast food restaurants located?

Its tagline is The Last Great Hamburger Stand. While it is a fast food restaurant, the food is cooked and made to order. Some Fatburger restaurants have a liquor license, as well as Fat Bars. Its franchise headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California.

Who is the founder of the Fatburger restaurant?

The Fatburger menu is centered primarily on hamburgers, offering various sizes and numbers of patties, along with add-ons such as cheese, bacon and eggs. Fatburger was founded by Lovie Yancey in the neighborhood of Exposition Park in Los Angeles, California, in 1947.