How many wildlife sanctuaries are in MP?

How many wildlife sanctuaries are in MP?

35 wildlife sanctuaries
To observe the rich wildlife culture of Madhya Pradesh, there are 35 wildlife sanctuaries to explore.

Which wildlife sanctuary is located in Madhya Pradesh?


Name Established Year Area
Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary 1974 369 Sq.Km.
Karera Sanctuary 1981 202. Sq. Km.
Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary 1981 45 Sq.Km.
Kheoni Sanctuary 1955 123 Sq.Km.

How many national sanctuary are there in Madhya Pradesh?

MP Special: National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Tiger Reserves in MP. Madhya Pradesh has 10 National Parks and 25 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 6 Tiger Reserves as Protected Areas, which constitutes 3.51% of the total geographic area.

Which is the biggest wildlife sanctuary of MP?

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary
Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary, covering about 1,197 km2 (462 sq mi), is the largest wildlife sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh state in India. This wildlife sanctuary is a part of 5500 km2 of forested landscape. It is located in the centre of the state covering parts of Sagar, Damoh, Narsinghpur, and Raisen Districts.

Which is the best wildlife sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh?

It is located in the Panna National Park area and is one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh. It has the beautiful Ken river, which cuts from here to meet the Ganges. If you are a nature lover or a trekking enthusiast, then this is the place you should come to.

Which is the most exciting wildlife destination in India?

From deer to wild boar to tigers, Madhya Pradesh is a world of the wild animals. A trip to the wilderness of Madhya Pradesh is a life changing experience. Madhya Pradesh, the land of diversity is one of the most exciting wildlife destinations in India.

Which is the best place to see Tigers in Madhya Pradesh?

All these wildlife sanctuaries are ideal places to witness the imposing beauty of the forest and the wilderness of the national park. Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh alias the tiger state is undoubtedly the best places to spot tigers. Yes, it right. Bandhavgarh National Park has the highest density of tigers in India.

How many national parks are there in Madhya Pradesh?

There are ten national parks and twenty five wildlife sanctuaries. Central, eastern and southern parts of the state are rich, whereas northern and western parts are deficient in forest.