How many high school seniors are there in China?

How many high school seniors are there in China?

Number of students at high schools in China 2009-2019 The statistic shows the number of students at high schools in China between 2009 and 2019. In 2019, the number of students at senior high schools in China amounted to around 24.14 million.

How many students are in secondary school in China?

Education in China

Ministry of Education
Female 94.5 %
Primary 121 million (2005)
Secondary 78.4 million (2005), including junior and senior secondary students.
Post secondary 11.6 million (2005)

How many people in China have higher education?

2 million
China Facts: Higher Education Today, China has over 2,000 universities and colleges, with over 2 million total students enrolled in higher education.

Does China have senior high school?

Education System in China. Primary education lasts 6 years and it is intended for children aged 6-12. Also known as chuzhong (初中)in China. Senior secondary school is known as (gaozhong 高中)and vocational senior secondary school is known as (zhongzhuan 中专) in China.

How many people go to junior high school in China?

Urban and rural junior high schools enrolled 5.8156 million and 10.2103 million students, up 5.7% and 2.4% from 2017, respectively. The number of junior high school students totaled 46.5259 million, up 4.7%, or an increase of 2.1052 million students, year on year.

When did compulsory secondary education start in China?

In the drive to spread vocational and technical education, regular secondary-school enrollments fell. By 1986 universal secondary education was part of the nine-year compulsory education law that made primary education (six years) and junior-middle-school education (three years) mandatory.

How many schools are there in Beijing China?

As of 2003 Beijing had 1,430 kindergartens, 1,652 primary schools, 730 secondary schools – including 263 combined lower and upper secondary (junior and senior high), 401 lower secondary, and 66 upper secondary – , 97 vocational secondary schools, 62 secondary specialty schools, and 74 institutions of higher education.

How many people are enrolled in education in China?

In 2018, China had 518,800 educational institutions 1, 5,017 more than in the previous year. 276 million students were enrolled in degree-granting institutions, an increase of 5.394 million students from 2017, up 2%.