How many gallons does a 747-8 Hold?

How many gallons does a 747-8 Hold?

3,300 gallons
The horizontal tail surfaces of the 747-8 have the capacity to carry 3,300 gallons of fuel.

How much does a 747 800 weigh?


Type MTOW [kg] TOR [m]
Airbus A380-800 575,000 3100
Boeing 747-8F 447,700 3100
Boeing 747-8 443,613 3100
Boeing 747-400ER 412,770 3090

How fast is the new 747-8?

Boeing 747 8 Specs Table

Boeing 747-8i Intercontinental
Maximum structural payload 76,700 Kilograms (169,100 Pounds)
Maximum fuel capacity 238,610 Litres (63,034 US gallons)
Cruising Speed at 35,000 feet Mach 0.855 (570 mph, 495 knots, 917 km/h)
Maximum speed at 35,000 feet Mach 0.92 (614 mph, 533 kn, 988 km/h)

What are the dimensions of a Boeing 747?

Boeing 747 Specs & Dimensions Pax Up to 452 Range 6,100 miles Thrust 46,500 lbs P & W JT9D-7A Fuel Cap. 48,445 lbs TOGW 735,000 lbs Cruise Alt. Olason, M.L. Performance and Economic Design Apsects of the 747 Familiy of Airplanes.

Which is the largest version of the Boeing 747?

The Boeing 747-8 is a wide-body airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the latest and largest variant of the 747 . After introducing the 747-400, Boeing considered larger 747 versions as alternatives to the Airbus A3XX . The stretched 747 Advanced was launched as the 747-8 on November 14, 2005, for a market forecast of 300 aircraft.

What are the benefits of a Boeing 747-8?

High-volume routes demand high-value returns. The First Class and Business Class sections of the 747-8 enable airlines to offer passengers the most private and premium accommodations in the sky. So it’s no surprise that on high-volume routes the 747-8 offers premium revenue potential.

What’s the difference between a 747 freighter and a 747 8?

The 747 8 Freighter does not carry passengers, therefore, the bubble is redundant other than the house the cockpit. The 747 8 Intercontinental, on the other hand, has the forward insertion of 4.1 metres (220 inches) placed forward of the wing root so that it takes in the upstairs bubble as well.