How many college credits can you get from FEMA?

How many college credits can you get from FEMA?

Baker has a FEMA credit maximum of 12 credits. Baker policy also states that a maximum of 30 credits can be transferred from assessed opportunities. This includes military credit, CLEP/DSST testing, and PLA Portfolio credit. Your academic advisor can help ensure maximums are not exceeded.

How do you get FEMA certified?

How to apply for a FEMA Independent Study course (Online Course)

  1. Register for a Student Identification Number (SID) if you have not done so already.
  2. Select a course from our course list.
  3. Review course materials by choosing any one of the options.

What are FEMA courses good for?

These courses cover federal frameworks for preparedness and response to disasters, as well as the incident management system. First responders, such as EMT’s, paramedics and fire service professionals may have taken these courses in the development of their career paths.

Where can I get transferable academic credit for EMI?

Through the regional accreditation agencies, it is possible to earn transferable academic credit for completion of Independent Study courses. Frederick Community College (FCC) has assumed responsibility for the evaluation of EMI’s Independent Study courses.

Are there any EMI courses in the United States?

Enrollment in EMI courses is generally limited to U.S. residents, however, each year a limited number of international participants are accommodated. Please see for more information. The NETC is an equal opportunity campus.

Can you transfer credits to Emergency Management College?

General education and elective credits may be transferred to FCC from previous institutions toward earning the Emergency Management A.A.S:Track I degree. FCC does not charge for evaluation of official transcripts for the awarding of transfer credits from previous colleges.

How long is em course at Frederick Community College?

A: A: EM Modules are required 5 week online courses taught by Frederick Community College. Students participate online via BlackBoard (web interface FCC uses for online and hybrid courses). Your module will become available in BlackBoard on the first day of the session in which you are enrolled.