How many Chibi Vampire books are there?

How many Chibi Vampire books are there?

15 Books
Chibi Vampire Book Series (15 Books)

How many chapters does Chibi Vampire have?

The 58 individual chapters were collected and published in fourteen tankōbon by Kadokawa Shoten between October 2003 and April 2008. The chapters follow the growing romance between Karin, a mixed-up vampire who gives blood instead of taking it, and Kenta, a classmate who learns her secret and becomes her daytime help.

When did the Chibi Vampire anime come out?

Tokyopop renamed the manga series to Chibi Vampire and the novel series to Chibi Vampire: The Novel . In 2005, an anime adaptation was produced by J.C.Staff and directed by Shinichiro Kimura. Spanning twenty-four episodes, the series aired in Japan on WOWOW from November 3, 2005 through May 11, 2006.

Who are the main characters in Chibi Vampire?

At the end of the series, Karin and Kenta have a daughter named Kanon, who is the reborn Sophia; Karin’s sister Anju continues to watch over her sister’s happiness. Written by Yuna Kagesaki, Chibi Vampire premiered in Japan in the October 2003 issue of Monthly Dragon Age and ran until the February 2008 issue.

Are there any side stories to Chibi Vampire?

A second side story is Maki-chan, Helping Angel of Love, concerned with Karin’s friend Maki Tokitou. It ends with an epilog, of Maki walking out on her husband for the umpteenth time and coming to Karin’s house to help celebrate Karin’s birthday. Both side stories were collected into a volume titled Chibi Vampire: Airmail .

Who are Kenta and Anju in Chibi Vampire?

Kenta begins to think that there is something fishy about Karin and eventually he learns her secret. Karin’s elder brother Ren tries to erase his memory but Anju, Karin’s younger sister, stops him from doing so. She convinces their parents Henry and Calera to make Kenta their ally, because he can help Karin during the daylight.