How long do mercury vapor lamps last?

How long do mercury vapor lamps last?

When used with the correct ballast and properly maintained, a mercury vapor lamp has a long service life. The average life expectancy is more than 24,000 hours, or nearly three years of continuous use.

Why the mercury vapor lamp is a negative resistance device?

The mercury vapor lamp is a negative resistance device. This means its resistance decreases as the current through the tube increases. So if the lamp is connected directly to a constant-voltage source like the power lines, the current through it will increase until it destroys itself.

What is a main disadvantage of mercury Vapour lamps?

The disadvantage is they do not flatter the human skin color thereby making them not an ideal technology for indoor applications. They are exceptional sources, though, for landscape lighting applications.

What are the risks of mercury vapor lamps?

Risks/Benefits. Under normal operating conditions mercury vapor lamps provide efficient, long-lasting sources of light. However, if the outer bulb breaks, and the inner tube continues to produce unshielded light, intense UV radiation is emitted. UV exposure at this level can cause eye and skin burns, blurred or double vision, headaches,…

How does a mercury vapor lamp produce light?

A mercury vapor lamp is a gas-discharge lamp that produces light via an electric arc through vaporized mercury. The arc discharge is generally confined to a small fused quartz arc tube mounted within a larger borosilicate glass bulb. In low-pressure mercury vapor lamps, only the lines at 184 and 253 nanometers (nm) are present.

What to do if your mercury vapor light breaks?

The protective bulb filters out harmful ultraviolet light and keeps the mercury gas contained if the inner chamber breaks. The outer bulb can also be coated with phosphor to diffuse the light or change its color.

When to replace capacitor on mercury vapor light?

If the light is tinted pink or blue after installing a new bulb, replace the capacitor. Allow the bulb to cool down for 10 to 15 minutes if you are trying to turn the light back on after a recent use. Check the compatibility of your mercury vapor bulb and its ballast if the light shuts off before it is fully warmed up.