How full is Lake Eildon at the moment?

How full is Lake Eildon at the moment?

Storage Levels

Storage % Full Current Volume (ML)
Lake Eildon 75.18 2506671
Goulburn Weir 99.04 25255
Waranga Basin 94.63 409160
Greens Lake 20.77 6749

When was Lake Eildon last full?

The spillway gates were last operated in 1996 when the lake was last full. The return of water to the lake, where the ”serenity” was famously celebrated in the film The Castle, has brought smiles to the faces of locals, anglers, waterskiers, caravan and houseboat owners.

Is there a town under Lake Eildon?

The small town of Darlingford (named after Sir Charles Darling, Governor of Victoria), near the junction of the Big and Goulburn Rivers came into being in the 1860’s after gold was discovered in the area.

Is the dam at Lake Eildon safe to fill?

The dam wall at Lake Eildon, Victoria’s biggest state-run water storage, has been declared unsafe and will need a $30 million upgrade if the lake is to be refilled.

How big is Lake Eildon in Victoria Australia?

Lake Eildon is one of Victoria’s most popular holiday resorts. It has 515 km shoreline and stores six times as much water as Sydney Harbour at full supply level. Abutting the lake is the Lake Eildon National Park .

Why was Lake Eildon Goulburn important to Victoria?

Development of this water resource was undertaken by the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission (SR&WSC) to provide irrigation water for what was a vast uncultivated area on Victoria’s northern plains.

Where to find water level tool Lake Eildon?

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