How early can you get a lightsaber in Kotor 2?

How early can you get a lightsaber in Kotor 2?

You’ll get your first lightsaber component at the end of the quest line on Talos. Depending on who you choose to help, you’ll get it from the Ithorians or Czerka after you’ve helped them deal with the Exchange.

How do you get a lightsaber lens in Kotor 2?

Follow these steps:

  1. You get 1 piece when you leave Telos.
  2. Fly to NS.
  3. Go to the Docks area, find Lootra in the flophouse.
  4. Goad him into attacking you (there’s a LS way to do his quest, but it takes much longer.)
  5. Kill him, and loot a piece off his corpse.
  6. Return to the Ebon Hawk.

Can you be a Mandalorian in Kotor 2?

That means the only Mandalore to appear in KOTOR 2 is a character. Canderous Ordo is a Mandalorian soldier (and a companion in the first Knights Of The Old Republic) who fought against the Republic. Although Mandalore is a fan-favorite character, players cannot turn him into a Jedi in Knights of the Old Republic 2.

How to make your own lightsaber in KOTOR 2?

In Kotor 2, you need to build your own lightsaber from three different components and a focusing crystal. Some of the pieces you need you’ll get for completing quests, others you’ll find scattered around the game world or from specific merchants.

Where does Mandalore take you in Star Wars KOTOR 2?

When you finally return, speak to Mandalore again and he will offer to take you to Iziz. Before the ship takes off, Kreia will work her evil magic and Mandalore will join your party. A group of Sith assassins will attack the party after he joins.

Where do you get a lightsaber in Star Wars?

You also need a crystal to make your lightsaber. There are a number of ways to get this. Early in the game the best way is to buy one. You’ll sometimes find them from the unscrupulous brother on Telos, the arms and equipment dealers in the Nar Shadaa main square, or the salvager on Dantooine. May the force be with you.

Where are the side quests in Star Wars KOTOR?

This is a long, drawn out side quest. You should know that much before getting underway. This quest automatically begins when you speak to Zhar and Vandar after you complete the 3rd Jedi trial. After you begin the quest leave the Jedi Council building and go out to the fields beyond the city and Jedi Council area.