How does the Discover page on Snapchat work?

How does the Discover page on Snapchat work?

Discover content When you swipe left on the main camera screen, you’ll find the Discover page. Here’s where you can access Shows, content from publishers, Stories from people you follow – but aren’t friends with – and Snaps from creators, Snap Map and Our Story.

Does Snapchat Discover still exist?

Snapchat currently opens to the camera, with a space for chats to the left and the Discover page — which features a collection of ephemeral stories from friends, creators, third-party publishers, and Snap itself — to the right.

Can I turn off Snapchat discover?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely disable Snapchat Discover. However, parents can mitigate the sexual, adult content that often finds its way onto teens’ Discover pages. You will need your child’s phone to access their account and set up Snapchat Discover parental controls.

What can you do with discover on Snapchat?

Snapchat Discover gives users the option to view Stories created by publishers and TV networks, among the likes of CNN and The New York Times, that create disappearing Stories comprised of text, image, and video. As of late, Snap Inc. has taken pointed measures to transform Snapchat Discover.

How many publishers are there on Snapchat Discover?

Featuring content from partnerships with over 40 publishers, Discover is Snapchat’s central hub of content and programming. As Snap continues to chase profitability, it’s building out its Discover offerings with original shows, licensed content, and more material from publishers.

When did the Snapchat Discover app come out?

The launch of Snapchat Discover on January 27, 2015, marked the company’s large monetization effort. The four year period before the launch of Snapchat Discover was characterized by improving the app’s user experience. Conversely, Snapchat Discover was aimed at generating advertising revenue.

What’s the best way to make a snapchat channel?

Having spent countless hours watching Snapchat Stories, the following are 11 different approaches (in no particular order) to building and programming a Snapchat channel: Shonduras: Shaun McBride aka Shonduras has a long history of online marketing and community building. He’s a skateboarder, snowboarder, entrepreneur, artist, and cereal lover.