How do you OKOA stima tokens?

How do you OKOA stima tokens?

  1. Dial *885# and enter PIN.
  2. Select pre-paid.
  3. Select Okoa Stima.
  4. Select ÔÇÿrequest emergency top upÔÇÖ
  5. Select the Meter.
  6. Select preset Okoa amounts ranging from Ksh.100 to 1000 and confirm.

How do I repay OKOA jahazi?

How to pay Okoa Jahazi debt. After successfully receiving your airtime on credit, Safaricom will give you a limited period of a few days to pay it back. The straightforward method of paying your debt is to top up airtime on your number, and it will automatically be deducted.

What is KPLC business number?

888 888
Enter the Kenya Power business number 888 888.

How do I check my Stima loan balance?

CHECKING OKOA STIMA LOAN STATUS You may check the balance of your Loan Amount by selecting the option made available for that purpose on the System Menu. 7.2. You will receive a message on the System Menu, confirming the status of any Loan Amount outstanding and the due date.

How do I request an Okoa Stima meter?

How to request Okoa Stima – Prepaid. Dial *885# and enter PIN. Select pre-paid. Select Okoa Stima. Select ‘request emergency top up’. Select the Meter.

How to register for Safaricom Okoa Stima service?

How to register for Okoa Stima service; To start with, Safaricom subscribers need to dial *885# and accept its terms and conditions. You’ll then be prompted to enter your National ID. Set your secret PIN after which a confirmation is required. A confirmation message will then be send via a text message.

How do I pay off my Okoa Stima loan?

Choose the ‘request emergency top-up’ option, followed by the Meter. Select the preset Okoa amounts ranging from Ksh 100 to Ksh 1000 and confirm. To repay your loan, ensure that you have sufficient funds on your Mpesa account. Select prepaid and then Okoa Stima. Choose the “reply okoa stima” option, i.e. If you have an outstanding loan

When did Okoa Stima come out in Kenya?

Okoa Stima was founded by Kenya Power & Lighting Company in partnership with Safaricom in 2015 and is currently active. It comes in handy when you experience a sudden blackout, and you don’t have enough fund to pay for electricity. It is a service that offers both Prepay and Post-Pay customers a quick solution for all their power access needs.