How do you measure a toggle clamp?

How do you measure a toggle clamp?

You can measure its capacity by determining the distance between the workbench and the clamping plate when the plate is at the highest position. This will help you determine the size of work that the clamp will be able to hold.

What are the benefits of using toggle clamps?

By using the toggle link principle toggle clamps offer decisive advantages: The clamping arm retracts to such an extent that the workpiece can be loaded and unloaded completely unobstructed. Even the slightest forward movement of the operating handle brings the clamping arm with the contact pad over the workpiece.

How do I choose a toggle clamp?

Other things to take into account when deciding how to choose holding/toggle clamps are what shape and size parts you need to hold, and whether they’re uniform or variable….How To Choose A Holding/Toggle Clamp

  1. Type.
  2. Horizontal Or Vertical.
  3. Size And Shape Of Workpiece.
  4. Force.
  5. Material.

What are the four basic types of mechanical toggle clamps?

These toggle clamps fit into four different groups; hold down toggle clamps, plier (squeeze action) toggle clamps, pull/latch action toggle clamps and straight-line toggle clamps. Hold Down Toggle Clamps: Both vertical and horizontal handle toggle clamps are classified as hold-down toggle clamps.

What do you need to know about toggle clamps?

Hold workpieces of different thicknesses without adjustment. Push the lever to lock the handle and prevent accidental opening. A highly durable construction with hardened steel pivot pins and bushings provides a long service life. Often used when assembling small parts, these small clamps have the holding strength of a full-size clamp.

When was the first manual toggle Clamp made?

Since 1936, when the first manual toggle clamp was designed and manufactured, Destaco has been a world leader in workholding innovation and technology. Destaco offers a wide selection of manual toggle clamps from heavy duty, hold down clamps ( vertical or horizontal handle) to latch clamps and straight action or squeeze-action clamps.

Why do you need an ISO-KF toggle clamp?

ISO-KF toggle clamps are convenient and easy to use in situations where the clamp must be removed frequently. The clamp provides enough sealing force to fully compress the O-Ring, so that the flanges and the centering ring are metal to metal.

How are push / pull action toggle clamps mounted?

‘TOOLFAST’ Push/Pull Action Toggle Clamps – Front Mounting Type are simply flush mounted through a panel or plate by a hexagonal lock nut on the work piece side. Read More… Read More… These Push / Pull Action Toggle clamps have reverse handle action as the plunger moves in pushing position when the handle is moved back towards the operator.