How do you beat Titan Dweevil?

How do you beat Titan Dweevil?

Move all non-yellows behind the geyser; this reduces their chances of being harmed by the devastating Monster Pump (Yellow Pikmin’s flight and electric resistance makes them ideal for fighting the Titan Dweevil). 2. Take the Yellow Pikmin and strip the dweevil of the most annoying weapon, the long-ranged Monster Pump.

Did Louie control the Titan Dweevil?

According to Louie’s entry in the treasure hoard, it is rumored that Louie was the one in control of the Titan Dweevil. But his abilities are still the same. In Pikmin 3, Louie somehow manages to blow half of a cinder block to kingdom come.

How do you save Louie in Pikmin 2?

To rescue him, you must defeat the dweevil and instruct your Pikmin to carry him back to the ship’s Research Pod. Because there is no more room in the cockpit, Louie must be held in the storage hull, and like the other treasures, he is given a name: the King of Bugs.

How do you unlock Louie’s dark secret?

Louie’s Dark Secret is an unlockable movie in Pikmin 2. It is unlocked by attaining a pink flower on all 30 of the challenges in Challenge Mode, which is done by completing each without a single Pikmin loss.

Where do you find the dweevil family in Pikmin 2?

The dweevil family is a species of enemies found only in Pikmin 2 that resemble spiders. All members are known to collect treasures, bodies of dead creatures, and other objects in order to mimic them or use them for some other purpose.

Which is the last boss in Pikmin 2?

The Titan Dweevil is the last boss in Pikmin 2. It is by far the largest of all known Dweevils, and can only attack using the four treasures it has picked up and its arms, the latter of which causing no damage. This means that without the treasures, it is actually harmless.

What kind of dweevil is poisonous to Pikmin?

The Munge Dweevil is a purple Dweevil that releases a poisonous gas when attacked; this poisons any Pikmin that are not immune to it, making White Pikmin top notch when fighting these creatures. However, since leaders have air filters, they can be beaten easily without Pikmin.

Who is the head of the Titan dweevil?

When they approach the mound, however, it reveals itself as the head of the Titan Dweevil and starts to attack. Main article: Volatile Dweevil. Volatile Dweevils prefer to carry bomb-rocks over all other objects; when one sees a leader or Pikmin, it follows it and the bomb-rock’s timer starts.