How do I debug Facebook pixels?

How do I debug Facebook pixels?

How To Set Up & Debug Facebook Pixel Code – Google Tag Manager

  1. Go To Facebook Pixel Page.
  2. Go To Google Tag Manager.
  3. Install the Pixel Help Plugin.
  4. Create a Custom Javascript Variable (JavascriptEnabled) to test if javascript is enabled. (
  5. Go To Facebook Pixel Page.

How do I find my Facebook pixel code?

Where do you get Facebook Pixel Code?

  1. Log into Facebook in a web browser on your laptop or desktop.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow in the upper menu bar next to the Quick Help (?) icon.
  3. Click ‘Manage Ads’
  4. Click Hamburger Menu (3 horizontal lines) in upper left corner.
  5. Click ‘Pixels’

What does FB pixel event code do?

The Facebook pixel is a snippet of JavaScript code that allows you to track visitor activity on your website. It works by loading a small library of functions which you can use whenever a site visitor takes an action (called an event) that you want to track (called a conversion).

How do I know what pixel my Facebook site is?

Navigate to your website in the Chrome browser, and click on the Pixel Helper icon. The popup will tell what pixels were found on the webpage, and whether they have loaded successfully.

How to test pixel event code in Facebook?

You can click on the Facebook pixel helper & open it on a new window. Then you can use window + left arrow to split the windows side by side. By using this method, you can test live actions on the page & see if they are getting reflected in the pixel helper. BONUS TIP #2: Use Browser Console To Test Pixel Event Code Before Actual Implementation.

How to test Facebook pixel using Google Tag Manager?

To test the event and check the custom parameters (in our case, it is Contact event), you will need to click on the phone number, and you should see your pixel event tag fire in the GTM Debug panel with the passing value of a phone number, as well as in the Facebook Pixel Helper extension. Facebook Pixel Helper – Contact Event.

How to set up a pixel on Facebook?

Facebook has come up with the Automatic Advanced Matching Technology that enables businesses to use their current pixel set up (no additional code required) to associate website text fields, such as email addresses, with corresponding events. The process is much simpler here… You can go to the Events Manager > Pixel.

Is there a tool to validate your Facebook pixel?

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a tool that helps you validate your Facebook Pixel. Using the tool you can: Using the Facebook Pixel Helper. The Pixel Helper works in the background to automatically review the websites for code that looks like the Facebook Pixel.