How do I add an icon to Sublime Text?

How do I add an icon to Sublime Text?

To change the icon, you have to pin the app to the menubar and click on it with right button of mouse and select icon.

What is a file icon?

The ICO file format is an image file format for computer icons in Microsoft Windows. ICO files contain one or more small images at multiple sizes and color depths, such that they may be scaled appropriately. The CUR file format is an almost identical image file format for non-animated cursors in Microsoft Windows.

How do I display folders in Sublime Text 3?

10 Answers. You have to add a folder to the Sublime Text window in order to navigate via the sidebar. Go to File -> Open Folder… and select the highest directory you want to be able to navigate. Also, ‘View -> Sidebar -> Show Sidebar’ if it still doesn’t show.

How to install community icons in Sublime Text?

Preferences → Package Settings → A File Icon → Settings, Choose A File Icon: Settings in Command Palette. Sublime Text uses syntax scopes for file-specific icons. That’s why icons of packages provided by the community require them to be installed. See the list of community packages that you may need to install to see the right icon.

Where do I find fileicons in Sublime Text?

In the “FileIcons/theme” directory, create a file with the name of the theme you are using and copy the theme overrides that make FileIcons work into it. Restart Sublime Text and you should see icons in the sidebar!

Are there any new themes for Sublime Text 3?

I installed a new theme Sublime Text 3 only for files icons in the sidebar. But in fact it is not so rosy. For example: It should be gulp icon,

How to get file icons in any theme?

To get file icons in any theme other than Default or Adaptive, take the following steps: Go to the Sublime Text “Packages” directory (e.g. via the command “Browse Packages”). Download the latest version of FileIcons, or clone the repo. Download or switch to the mono branch for the gray-scale icons.