How do I activate my Trend Micro?

How do I activate my Trend Micro?

Go to Type the serial number, then click Next. Sign in to your Trend Micro Account. Fill out the required information, then click Next….

  1. Tap the Mobile Security app.
  2. Tap Buy/Activate.
  3. Tap Use an Activation Code, then type your serial number.

How do I renew my Trend Micro serial number?

You prefer to renew by purchasing from retail stores

  1. Open Subscription Information window: Using the Trend Micro main console: Double-click the Trend Micro shortcut icon on your desktop. Click your program’s expiry date.
  2. Click Change your serial number.
  3. Enter your new serial number, then click Next.

How do I activate Trend Micro Max Security?

Trend Micro Maximum Security Official Download

  1. Follow the below installation instructions to activate Trend Micro on your PC, Mac, Android™ or iOS device:
  2. Download the Maximum Security installer:
  3. For PC:
  4. For Mac:
  5. Once downloaded, double click the installer to get started and follow the installation steps.

What do you need to register with Trend Micro?

The Registration Key (RK) is used to register and to get an activation code or serial number. The activation code will be used to activate your product, NOT the RK. The RK will be sent to you via e-mail when you purchase your Trend Micro product.

How does the activation code for Trend Micro work?

It consists of two letters followed by four numbers, and then by five groups of five numbers, or 37 digits in all, including hyphens. The AC is typically received once you register your product. What should I do if my Activation Code is stolen?

Is there an Auto Renew Program for Trend Micro?

With our Auto-Renewal Program, the license for your Trend Micro product will be extended automatically before it expires, providing you with seamless protection. For more details, refer to the KB article Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Auto-Renew program for Trend Micro Small Business products.

What does Trend Micro Internet Security 10 do?

Trend Micro™ Internet Security 10 software provides advanced protection and privacy so you can do great things online safely. It’s designed to safeguard you on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Trend Micro™ Internet Security provides advanced online protection for up to 3 PCs.