How did Karsh capture his famous portrait of Winston Churchill?

How did Karsh capture his famous portrait of Winston Churchill?

Churchill obstinately refused, and Karsh was perplexed: the smoke from the cigar would certainly obscure the image. He returned to the camera, ready to take the picture—but then with lightening speed, Karsh leaned over the camera and plucked the cigar from Churchill’s lips.

Who did Yousuf Karsh take pictures of?

Winston Churchill
His iconic 1941 photograph of Winston Churchill was a breakthrough point in his 60-year career, through which he took numerous photos of known political leaders, men and women of arts and sciences.

Who took the famous picture of Winston Churchill?

Yousuf Karsh
The Roaring Lion is a famous photographic portrait of Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The portrait was taken in 1941 by Turkish-born Armenian-Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh in the Centre Block on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Why did Yousef Karsh take the picture of Churchill?

Karsh was hired by the Canadian government to do this portrait and knew he would have very little time to make the picture. He began by researching Churchill, taking notes on all of the prime minister’s habits, quirks, attitudes and tendencies.

Who are some famous people that Yousuf Karsh photographed?

Yousuf Karsh was an Armenian-Canadian photographer known for his portraits of Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, and Albert Einstein. “Within every man and woman a secret is hidden, and as a photographer it is my task to reveal it if I can,” he once explained.

How old was Yousef Karsh when he died?

Karsh donated most of his stuff to the archives before dying at over 90. Trivia: the last portrait (done as a double sitting) was commissioned (and carried out) for former President Bill Clinton and his wife former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.