How can I contact GEPF?

How can I contact GEPF?

Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF)

  2. P O Box 2375, Brooklyn Square, 0075.
  3. Kasteelpark, 546 Jochemus Street, Erasmuskloof’ Pretoria.
  4. 0800 117 669.
  5. National Government Directory: State owned enterprises and other public entities.

How can I check my GEPF balance?

The statement is sent out through emails or post offices once in a year, but it can also be issued on request. If you have not received your statement, please don’t hesitate to call the GEPF Toll free number at 0800 117 669. Members can also visit GEPF offices nationwide to request the statement.

How long does it take GEPF to pay out?

Funeral benefits For the funeral of an eligible child, the benefit is R6 000. Wherever possible, GEPF tries to pay this benefit within 72 hours of receiving the application. The benefit is paid out as a cash lump sum and is taxable.

Can I check my pension online in South Africa?

To check your workplace and personal pensions, you can look at your annual pension statements or log in to your online accounts.

How to contact the government employees pension fund?

can be contacted at. Tel: 0800 117 669 or +27 (0)12 319 1000/1911. Fax: +27 (0)12 326 2507. E-mail: [email protected]. (link sends e-mail) Postal address: Private Bag X63, Pretoria, 0001. Regional and satellite offices contact list. (link is external) Website:

Where can I find contact details for GEPF?

GEPF contact details. A toll free number 0800 117 669 answers queries about pension fund while GEPF representatives, present at the Bisho, Port Elizabeth and Mthatha offices, sort out pension fund related issues. Two Web portals , which acts as a portal for presentations,

Where can I find my pension contact details?

The online service is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg). You can also request contact details from the Pension Tracing Service by phone. Phone lines are currently busier than normal because of coronavirus (COVID-19). Using the service online is the quickest way to find pension contact details.

Who are the members of the government pension fund?

Governance: The Fund’s fiduciary functions are the responsibility of the Board of Trustees with an equal number of employer and member representatives. Clients: Approximately 1, 2 million active members from more than 325 government departments and some 400 000 pensioners and other beneficiaries.