How big are the tracks on Hot Wheels?

How big are the tracks on Hot Wheels?

Hot Wheels® Deluxe Stunt Box Giftable Set 15 Feet of Track 36… Hot Wheels™ City Town Center Play Set Gift Idea for Ages 4… Hot Wheels® Track Builder Unlimited Power Boost Box…

Which is the best set of Hot Wheels?

Hot Wheels ® comes in first with an epic collection of track sets! Thrill young racers with high-speed adventures, mind-blowing stunts, and endless crashing, smashing action! Kids can sharpen their timing and skills with side-by-side racing!

Where can I find the instruction sheet for Hot Wheels?

Click on a link below to view the Adobe PDF Format Instruction Sheet. To ensure proper operation, please download ALL instruction sheets for your product. L1356 : Hot Wheels® Modifighters? Mr. Big? The Rebel – US English

When did the Hot Wheels Mutt mobile come out?

The Hot Wheels Mutt Mobile was designed by Larry Wood, debuting in 1971. Prominent features include an exposed motor and exhaust pipes, control stick steering, and a rear compartment to transport dogs in. Yep, you read that right, the rear compartment has a door which opens to reveal two white dogs. There are two rare versions of the Mutt Mobile.

What’s the best way to play Hot Wheels?

The Hot Wheels rebound Raceway is the most fun way to play with your Hot Wheels cars! maximize your points by sinking your cars in the various target traps. With the two loop launchers, two kids can try to sink their cars in all their trap doors as fast as they can to win.

Who is the creator of the speed trap?

The Speed Trap was designed by Kevin Cao and was based on a police car. With a shield-engine and fully loaded trunk arsenal, this high-speed pursuit vehicle was built to take control of any situation. The Speed Trap has been released in the following versions: