Has Merrick dog food ever had a recall?

Has Merrick dog food ever had a recall?

Has Merrick Ever Been Recalled? Yes. In May 2018, some Merrick beef-based dog treats were recalled because of potentially elevated beef thyroid hormone. The company said it was aware of a single customer complaint of a sickened dog.

Is Merrick dog food linked to DCM?

Merrick Pet Care’s Response to the FDA’s Update on the DCM Investigation. The FDA has been investigating a potential link between diet and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). As a result of the most recent update, we learned that several pet parents who feed their dog a Merrick diet have reported a case to the FDA.

Why is Pet Valu going out of business?

Pet Valu plans to “wind down” its U.S. operations due to the severe impact from COVID-19. Pet Valu U.S. licenses its name and contracts for certain services from Pet Valu Canada, which is a separate company based in Markham, Ontario, and which is not impacted by the wind-down.

Who is the owner of Merrick Pet Food?

Unlike most pet food brands, Merrick owns its own cannery. Merrick also owns Castor and Pollux Natural Petworks (a quality brand known for its certified organic dog and cat foods)… and produces Whole Earth Farms pet foods, too.

What kind of cat food does Merrick have?

Like their dog food, Merrick cat food comes in varieties for any age feline, from kitten to senior cat, and you’ll find textures that cats love including minced & shredded food, as well as food that offers hairball control as a health feature. Merrick pet food is ideal for both dogs and cats.

How to save 5% on Merrick Pet Supplies?

Autoship&Save: Save an extra 5% on select Merrick items with every Autoship order. Merrick Power Bites Real Rabbit + Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, 6-oz …

What kind of dog food is Merrick natural cuts?

Merrick Natural Cuts Large Real Venison Rawhide Free Dog Treats… Merrick Natural Cuts Large Real Venison Rawhide… Merrick Power Bites Real Texas Beef Recipe Grain-Free Soft…