Does Marvel have trading cards?

Does Marvel have trading cards?

Marvel Universe Cards were collectible trading cards based on the characters and events of the Marvel Universe. The cards featured categories such as Super Heroes, Super Villains, Rookies, Famous Battles and Team Pictures. Two years later, Impel negotiated with DC Comics to publish DC Cosmic Cards.

What are the best Marvel cards?

In this guide, I’ll break down the top Marvel trading card “rookies” to keep your eye on….Let’s dive into it a bit further.

  • 1990 Impel Marvel Universe Series I. eBay.
  • Captain America #1. eBay.
  • Spider-Man #2.
  • Hulk #3.
  • Wolverine #10.
  • Thor #18.
  • Black Panther #20.
  • Spider-Man #29.

What Superman cards are worth money?

Top Superman Trading Card Sets

  1. 1940 Gum Inc. Superman.
  2. 1968 Topps Superman in the Jungle Proofs.
  3. 1966 Topps Superman Television Cards.
  4. 1972 Primrose Superman.
  5. Smallville Autograph Cards.
  6. 1994 SkyBox Skydiscs.
  7. 1978 Drake’s Cakes Superman The Movie.
  8. 1992 Skybox Death of Superman Foil Chase Set.

Are there any comic book trading card sets?

Then they had a series of special flashback cards, as well as some “New Breed” cards depicting characters from then new DC comic book series (The Ray, Eclipso, Heckler, etc.). The problem, as it were, is that it really didn’t do much but show you a bunch of team cards. They were cool-looking, but there was nothing much of substance to the set.

When did the Marvel Universe trading cards come out?

Each came with unique, one-of-a-kind artwork on the front and a variety of offerings on the back from stats and biographies to full comic stories and even additional artwork. It all started in 1990 with the launch of the Marvel Universe trading cards from a company called Impel that would rebrand itself as SkyBox in 1992.

Who are the characters in Marvel Trading Cards?

Early on, there was a small group of us including Steve Domzalski, Ben Plavin, Ron Perazza, and eventually Dan Buckley that would sit around and come up with any characters from those families that we could remember from all the comic books that we had read throughout our lives.”

Which is the best Marvel comic card set?

A subset of the cards shows Wolverine’s greatest battles in his violent history (i.e. against Hulk, Cyber, and even Spiderman!). My favorite aspect of this set are the three cards that are displayed together to feature a prominent X-Team (X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force).