Does Australia have an embassy in Canada?

Does Australia have an embassy in Canada?

Australian Consulate-General in Toronto, Canada | Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Who is the Australian ambassador to Canada?

Ms Natasha Smith
The Australian High Commissioner to Canada is Her Excellency Ms Natasha Smith. Ms Smith took up her appointment in February 2018. Ms Smith is a senior career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and was most recently First Assistant Secretary, Multilateral Development and Finance Division.

How do I renew my Australian passport in Canada?

Steps to apply:

  1. Fill our your passport application form online.
  2. Sign and date your form using Australian date format (DD/MM/YYYY)
  3. Obtain two (2) new passport photos.
  4. Prepare for your interview – *see ‘What to bring to your appointment’ below.
  5. Lodge your application in person.

Where are the head offices of the Australian Government?

The head offices of all fourteen federal departments lie in Canberra, along with Parliament House and the High Court. The judicial branch of government, headed by the High Court of Australia, is independent of the legislative and executive branch, and ensures that government acts according to the constitution and law.

How to contact the federal government in Australia?

Contact Australian Government departments and agencies Contact state, territory and local government Contact the Prime Minister State parliaments and members’ contact Popular contacts Human Services (Centrelink, Child Support Agency and Medicare) Immigration Tax Veterans’ Affairs Business help Apply for an ABN

Is the Parliament of Australia located in Canberra?

The Parliament of Australia is located in Canberra, as is most of the Australian Government public service. The judiciary is the legal arm of the government. Independent of the legislature and the executive, it is the role of the judiciary to enforce Australia’s laws.

What does the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs do?

It allows us to assess your situation and provide information to you as it becomes available. Australian Government (Department of Home Affairs) updates on immigration and entry requirements for those coming to Australia. Canadian Government advice on entry requirements for travellers.