Do Everglades tomatoes need a trellis?

Do Everglades tomatoes need a trellis?

A trellis is optional as the plant is happy rambling across the garden. Like most solanums, the Everglades tomato prefers full sun. It is drought tolerant, but bloom and fruit will do best with moderate watering and occasional application of a complete, slow release fertilizer.

How long do Everglades tomatoes take to grow?

about 50 days
The Everglades tomato, also known as the currant tomato, is well adapted to South Florida’s scorching summers. Plants will set dime-sized fruit in about 50 days, and you’ll enjoy zillions of tiny, sweet tomatoes, even in the summer.

Are Everglades tomatoes determinate or indeterminate?

More commonly called a currant tomato due to its small size, this species is very durable and indeterminate – it grows at least twelve feet long/tall. The Everglades tomato will hybridize with other species and is considered important in tomato breeding for disease resistance.

Are Everglades tomatoes perennial?

Everglades Tomato (Solanum pimpinellifolium) We see you summer! Juicy Everglades Tomatoes area an amazing rare perennial wild heirloom tomato variety that can really take the heat. They thrive and fruit year round in Florida, and are easily grown as exciting annuals in cooler climates.

Are there wild tomato plants in the Everglades?

You can’t get a more adapted tomato for Florida than one that has been growing wild here forever. These are wild currant type tomatoes that have been growing mainly in the Florida Everglades and throughout Florida. They can grow almost all year in Florida and similar climates but can grow anywhere.

Where can I buy tomato seeds in Florida?

Everglades Tomato seeds are available through the following Florida Farms. These farms harvest Everglades Tomato seeds and sell them online. Florida Seed & Garden Florida Seed & Garden is a Central-Florida based Plant Nursery that retails seeds and live plants online.

What’s the best way to cook tomato in the Everglades?

Cooking with the Everglades Tomato is really simple. Any recipe that calls for tomatoes, just add the whole Tomato Berries before cooking, no need to slice and dice. An Old Florida favorite is to add them whole to Omelets!

What is the mission of the Everglades tomato Association?

Their mission is to popularize easy to grow, nutrient dense edible plants, and sustainable growing methods. Use the Everglades Tomato the same way that any other tomato would be used. These little beauties have two primary culinary uses: Presentation and flavoring.