Did Sidious know about Abeloth?

Did Sidious know about Abeloth?

It is assumed that during his time as emperor, he learned about them. Because in Rebels, he reveals their identity. Sidious did not know Abeloth (legends) as she happened after 41 A.B.Y. which is way after Sidious’s time.

Is nihilus stronger than Palpatine?

In terms of draining the life from a planet, Nihilus was more advanced than Palpatine. Palpatine was able to draw on the life force of the planet Byss, but didn’t actually kill everyone there.

Is Abeloth the most powerful?

Affiliation(s) Abeloth, also known as the Bringer of Chaos and Beloved Queen of the Stars, was a being very powerful in both the dark side of the Force and the light side of the Force because she drank from the Well of Power and bathed in the Pool of Knowledge.

Who was Abeloth in the original Star Wars?

―Abeloth [src] The woman who would become Abeloth was first known as the Servant, a mortal who appeared through unknown means on the unknown jungle planet where the Ones lived around 100,000 BBY. She served the Father and his Son and Daughter, catering to their every need.

Who is the cosmic being known as Abeloth?

In a desperate attempt to hold onto the life she so loved, she drank from the Font of Power and bathed in the Pool of Knowledge. Her actions corrupted her, transforming the Mother into the twisted, immortal entity known as “Abeloth”. Classification: Personification of the Force’s Chaos; Cosmic Being, Force-Wielder, formerly human

What kind of durability does Abeloth have?

Durability: At least Multi-Solar System level, likely higher (Could not be defeated by the combined efforts of The Son and The Daughter), Body hopping, immortality, intangibility, and having to be killed physically, mentally, and astrally in her own private dimension make her difficult to kill) Range: Planetary range with Weather Manipulation.

What was Darth Nihilus like after the Mandalorian Wars?

Darth Nihilus, or rather the man who would become him, was a mere shell of a man after the Mandalorian Wars. He had lost everything, his possessions, his loved ones, and his own will to live.