Can you use a Chromecast in a hotel?

Can you use a Chromecast in a hotel?

If you’re at a hotel with an open Wi-Fi network and no required login, plug your Chromecast into the TV and set it up on the Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, the easiest method is to create a Windows 10 hotspot. Chromecast can connect to it because there’s no welcome page needed.

Is Wi-Fi mandatory for Chromecast?

You can use your Chromecast device without Wi-Fi, and still cast all of your favorite content to your TV from another device.

Can you use Chromecast on a guest network?

Keep your network secure and guests happy To cast to Chromecast from a device, you usually have to connect to the same network the Chromecast is on. However, Chromecast offers a Guest mode that enables a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacon your guests can use to cast to it, even if they’re not on your network.

Can you stream on hotel Wi-Fi?

If only you could stream just Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO. But streaming devices such as those made by Roku, Apple,, and Google require internet access, and hotel W-Fi networks are infamously finicky. From there, you can stream away.

If you’re staying at a hotel with an open Wi-Fi network that doesn’t require any login, then you’re in luck. You can just plug in your Chromecast to the TV and set it up on the Wi-Fi network just like you would at home. However, most hotels require you to log into a welcome web page and type in your room number or name before you can connect.

Can a Chromecast connect to a home WiFi hotspot?

When you turn a laptop or mobile device into a hotspot that’s connected to the internet, the Chromecast can connect to it just like your home network, because there’s no welcome page needed. Any other device (mobile or laptop) connected to the same hotspot can stream to the Chromecast in the same way it does over a network at home.

How to connect Chromecast to hotel WiFi-Lifewire?

In older versions of Windows, the above instructions work as well, opening the device manager is a little different. To do so, press and hold the Windows key and press the R key. In the dialog box, type devmgmt.msc and press the Enter key. Continue the rest of the instructions as described. Plug your laptop directly into the Hotel ethernet port.

How can I connect my Chromecast to my laptop?

Just follow these steps: Head to Windows’ settings by pressing Windows+I on your keyboard. Go to Network & Internet > Mobile Hotspot. Click the “Edit” button to change your hotspot’s name and password, and flip the switch to “On” when you’re ready. From there, you can connect your Chromecast to the hotspot broadcasted by your laptop.