Can you lease a car in Ukraine?

Can you lease a car in Ukraine?

To get such an opportunity, only a minimum advance is required (from 25-30% of the vehicle cost), full comprehensive insurance is not necessary, and you can get virtually any car irrespective of mileage and operation period. CarInvest has own large car leasing in Kiev base.

Can a foreigner buy a car in Ukraine?

Non-resident citizens have the right to import the vehicle to Ukraine up to one year according to the Law of Ukraine “On the order of import (transfer) to Ukraine, customs clearance and taxation of personal belongings, goods and vehicles.” Means of transport imported into the country by non-residents, can not be …

Can you lease a car from another country?

The majority of leasing companies allow registration in another state, but not outside of the country, so keep that in mind. It can happen that some lessors who operate regionally prohibit the option of permanently moving a leased vehicle to another state, so you should ask about that before signing the contract.

What is meant by leasing?

A “lease” is defined as a contract between a lessor and a lessee for the hire of a specific asset for a specific period on payment of specified rentals. ADVERTISEMENTS: The maximum period of lease according to law is for 99 years. Previously land or real resate, mines and quarries were taken on lease.

Which is the best car hire company in Ukraine?

RENTAL is not just a company that offers car hire throughout Ukraine. The way we run our business is based on many years of experience of world-famous providers, adapted to the specific needs and mentality of our customers. We have managed to turn car hire into an affordable and easy-to-use tool.

What kind of cars are used in Ukraine?

Used cars Ukraine 1 2005 Ford Focus 2.0 Titanium. 2 2012 Volkswagen Passat 2.0. 3 2018 Renault Master 2.3. 4 2019 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Limited. 5 2013 Renault Logan 1.2. 6 2013 Opel Astra 1.7 D. 7 2014 Mazda 3 2.0 SKYACTIV. 8 2015 Škoda Octavia 1.8 RS. More

How to rent a car for a business?

Car rental services help business owners use corporate cars without the need to purchase them. Our prices are low and clear. To find out the cost of renting a particular car, you do not need to send us any messages or calculate any special plans. We do not hide anything, and the prices of all models are clearly visible. We work 24/7.