Can someone with a mild concussion sleep?

Can someone with a mild concussion sleep?

Medical experts once warned that people should stay awake if they had a concussion. They based this advice on the theory that sleeping with a concussion could cause a person to fall into a coma or even die. However, medical experts now agree that it is safe for a person to sleep if they have a concussion.

How long do you have to stay awake after a mild concussion?

Do not allow the athlete (or concussed individual) to sleep for at least 3 hours after the injury. May not need to wake the athlete throughout the night, but monitoring them throughout the night is prudent.

Is it bad to go to sleep if you have a concussion?

Sleeping cannot cause serious problems after a concussion. The danger is that when you are asleep, your family or your doctors are not likely to notice indications of serious brain damage — such as a seizure or weakness of one side of the body.

Is it true that a person with a concussion is to stay awake?

If you’ve ever had a head injury or suspected concussion, you may have been warned to stay awake for several hours or to have someone wake you up every hour. This advice stemmed from the belief that falling asleep with a concussion could lead to coma and even death. Sleeping cannot cause serious problems after a concussion.

What are the guidelines for sleep after a concussion?

The most common guidelines for sleep after a concussion will require a caregiver to wake the patient up every few hours to check for signs that the concussion is getting worse. The caregiver may need to ask questions to assess whether or not the individual seems confused.

Is sleeping a lot after a concussion normal?

Although rest is crucial to the recovery process, having a concussion can impact your sleep patterns. According to the experts at the Marshfield Clinic , fatigue is common after a concussion, so some people might want to snooze a lot or have trouble waking up.