Can men wear Clubmasters?

Can men wear Clubmasters?

As with all three classic shapes, Clubmasters have endured because they look good on a lot of face types. But these can be especially good on guys with narrow chins.

Who wore Clubmaster glasses?

Legendary activist Malcolm X and Hollywood Heartthrob James Dean were amongst the famous faces pictured in theirs. Ray-Ban introduced their homage to browline frames, the Clubmaster, in 1986.

Are Ray-Ban Clubmaster glass lenses?

Over the past 80 years, Ray-Ban has established itself as the global leader in sunglass manufacturing in part due to their commitment to superb manufacturing. Ray-Ban continues to use glass in their sunglass lenses because it helps create a surface that is incredibly durable and scratch-resistant.

Are Clubmasters hard to pull off?

Browline sunglasses aren’t quite as easy-to-wear as Wayfarers or aviators, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull them off. Clubmasters are definitely more sophisticated than other sunglasses styles, which makes them perfect for dressier outfits.

What Ray Bans look best on men?

What Are The Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Guys?

  • #1 Ray-Ban RB3026 Aviator Sunglasses.
  • #2 Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses.
  • #3 Ray-Ban RB2132 Wayfarer Sunglasses.
  • #4 Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin Sunglasses.
  • #5 Ray-Ban RB4125 Cats 5000 Sunglasses.
  • #6 Ray-Ban RB2180 Sunglasses.
  • #7 Ray-Ban RB3447 Iconic Round Sunglasses.

Can I pull off Clubmasters?

Are Clubmaster sunglasses still in style?

Today, the Clubmaster is experiencing a remarkable revival as a classic yet hip frame. It remains one of Ray-Ban’s most popular styles and is one that is imitated by many brands in the market, ranging in price from just a few dollars to more than a thousand.

Why are Ray-Bans so expensive?

Name brands, including Ray-Ban, typically offer lenses with UV protection, and some take it a step further with polarized lenses, which can also notch up the price. There’s also manufacturing costs. “You’re not just paying for the name. You’re paying for the craftsmanship,” she said.

What sunglasses does Julia Roberts wear?

Actress Julia Roberts, as Elizabeth Gilbert, wears Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator sunglasses in the film Eat, Pray, Love. The exact color of the Ray-Ban sunglasses that she is wearing is Black frame and probably custom lenses (maybe polarized), color-code 002.

What brand of sunglasses does Bono wear?

U2 frontman Bono sometimes can be seen wearing Emporio Armani 9592 RED sunglasses. Worn by Bono at Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony and on tour with U2. These glasses are part of the RED campaign and Product RED brand.

Which Rayban model is best?

The Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses

  1. Ray-Ban Wayfarer. It wasn’t the original (that’d be the aviator), but the Wayfarer is the classic Ray-Ban.
  2. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer. This New Wayfarer alters the original design for a slightly less statement-making look.
  3. Ray-Ban Aviator.
  4. Ray-Ban 4371.
  5. Ray-Ban Clubmaster.
  6. Ray-Ban Round Metal.