Can iPhone record 60 fps?

Can iPhone record 60 fps?

Currently, only iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X are capable of shooting 4K videos at 60 FPS or 24FPS. Powered by the A11 bionic chip, the newest iPhones can also let you record slo-motion videos in 1080p at 240 FPS. The 4K (3840×2160 pixels) has four times the pixels of 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) footage.

Can iPhone 6 shoot 60 fps?

Prior to the release of the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, the iPhone captured video in a suitable 30 frames per second (FPS). With the launch of Apple’s latest smartphones, the company opted to enable full 60 fps recording capabilities. By default, both new models are set to record in the traditional 30 FPS arrangement.

What does 60 fps mean on iPhone 6?

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s brought out support for shooting full HD video in a smooth sixty frames per second (FPS), as opposed to prior models which limit 1080p video capture to a suitable thirty frames per second. High frame rates make motion-intense videos even more awesome.

How to make a 4K video at 60 fps on iPhone?

To enable the 4k video recording at 60fps on iPhone, youc an go to Settings / Camera / Formats and turn on High Efficiency mode, which will switch the encoding from H.264 to HEVC. Then you can tap back button at the top left corner, click Record Video, and choose 4k at 60 fps mode.

What’s the video quality on the iPhone 6 Plus?

Video Quality. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus receive a few new features and video performance upgrades. While 4K video recording is still absent, there is a new option for recording 1080p video at 60 FPS. Slow motion video gets a faster shooting mode too, with an option for 720p at 240 FPS in addition to the 720p at 120 FPS mode available on the 5s.

What does it mean to shoot video at 60 fps?

You’ll see toggle switches for the Grid, which helps you with the rule of thirds when shooting still photos or video, and Record Video at 60 FPS. Toggle this latter one to ON, and now you’ll see the “60 FPS” indicator when you shoot video with your iPhone.