Are there any podcasts hosted by kids?

Are there any podcasts hosted by kids?

Brains On The next generation of podcasters are staying curious and keeping the thirst for knowledge alive and thriving through the Brains On! Each week host Molly Bloom is joined by a different kid co-host as they seek to satisfy the curious minds of kids and adults alike. The Brains On!

What is the best podcast for 12 year olds?

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. What if the Harry Potter series was considered a holy book?

  • Pants on Fire.
  • Radiolab.
  • Science Friday.
  • Six Minutes.
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class.
  • Wait Wait …
  • What’s Good Games.
  • What are good 10 year old podcasts?

    For the Whole Family

    • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids. Kids are always asking seemingly simple questions that have surprisingly complex answers, such as “Why is the sky blue?”
    • Smash, Boom, Best.
    • The Two Princes.
    • This American Life.
    • Ear Snacks.
    • KiDNuZ.
    • The Past & the Curious.
    • Book Club for Kids.

    What are some kid friendly podcasts?

    9 Podcasts The Whole Family Will Love

    • Wow in the World.
    • The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids Podcast.
    • Storynory.
    • The Radio Adventures of Dr.
    • Stuff You Missed in History Class.
    • Storytime.
    • Brains On!
    • Ear Snacks.

    Are there any podcasts that are hosted by women?

    From their making decisions about our bodies to silencing our stories, enough is enough. If you’re in desperate need a few more female voices in your life, check out some of these podcasts hosted by women. Just hearing their stories, engaging in their conversations and interacting with their content can make the world feel a lot less male-centric.

    Are there any good podcasts for women of color?

    Whatever your race, you’ll likely fall in love with this podcast upon first listen. Black Girl Nerds is described as a “place for women of color with various eccentricities to express themselves freely and embrace who they are…It’s for ALL women who are just as nerdy as we are and the men who love and appreciate us.”

    Who are the hosts of the kids podcast?

    Hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas lead listeners through a conversation around the most incredible kid-friendly news stories of the week. Each episode kicks off with a series of questions about a new amazing scientific discovery or finding, which are answered through comedy and debate.

    Are there any podcasts that are good for kids?

    Kids like to be informed and engaged, but talking to kids about the news can be a challenge. This podcast, created by moms who are broadcast journalists, offers young listeners five minutes of kid-friendly news (followed by a quick quiz) each day, five days a week.