Are there any high wealth tourists in SimCity?

Are there any high wealth tourists in SimCity?

The event is very profitable each time (though never totally full) but is frequented by mostly low wealth tourists, with a decent showing of medium wealth tourists but maybe just 10 or so high wealth tourists. There is also low high wealth attendance at the arc and empire state building. What am I missing here?

How to build a high wealth Casino in Sim City?

To get there, you’re going to have to start off with lower end casinos and work your way up. Slow growth is really the best method for climbing the tourist wealth ladder. Expand slowly, while keeping a reserve of funds so that you can ride out the peaks and valleys of tourists coming and going.

What are the luxuries of living in SimCity?

It currently has the following amenities: There is plenty of mass transit in and out of the city, including both regional and shuttle bus stations, streetcar stations, 2 train stations, a ferry/cruise ship terminal, and a municipal airport with 2 runways and 2 passenger terminals.

What to do in a high wealth casino?

In addition to the megatowers, Maglevs are incredibly useful for shuttling high wealth tourists around the City while not impacting traffic negatively. In addition to those items, the education levels will be very useful because you can handle all of your education needs within the megatowers. On the Gambling Tab you can find your tourist draw.

Are there any tourist parks in SimCity crest?

Tourist Parks – These parks are from the SimCity Crest DLC pack. They were offered for a limited time. These parks offer some variety to your tourist city, but they do not bring in many tourists. Tourism Crowns in the MegaTowers – Both types of MegaTowers have a Tourism Crown option.

How to attract tourists to Sim City Casino?

Make sure you place your sign as this will draw tourists to your amusement park. Offer a mix of main and secondary rides. Do not flood your park with secondary rides. Place concession stands in between rides, so tourists will purchase goods and food.

How to minimize traffic congestion in SimCity?

The secret to minimizing traffic congestion is a well-planned mass transit system that covers every building in your city. You have several options available, though to truly take advantage, at least one city in your region needs to have a department of transportation module attached to the city hall .