Are peat briquettes still available in Ireland?

Are peat briquettes still available in Ireland?

Peat Briquettes Will No Longer Be Available As Bord Na Mona Ceases Operations. Peat Briquettes will no longer be made after 2024. Bord Na Mona has announced it will no longer harvest peat on its lands. The decision comes after the company suspending operations last year.

Is there a shortage of briquettes in Ireland?

Shortages in Bord na Móna peat briquette supplies have occurred nationwide, the Farming Independent has learned. Longford said: “We haven’t been able to get Bord na Móna briquettes for three or four weeks; they are scarce all over.

Are peat briquettes any good?

Peat briquettes burn extremely hot, and as a result we recommend only using one briquette at a time – but the upside is that those briquettes hold a lot of energy and release it more steadily than firewood, with the burn potentially lasting even longer.

Are peat briquettes better than logs?

A dry, dense briquette has better burning properties than a traditional log, and the choice available means there’s something for everyone. Briquettes also recycle a pure wood waste product, which means less going to landfill. It also means that trees are not having to be felled specifically to make firewood.

Where can I buy briquettes in Dublin Ireland?

Convenience solid fuel delivery including briquettes, eco logs, wood pellets peat briquettes for sale in South Dublin and Wicklo

Why are peat briquettes so popular in Ireland?

Peat briquettes are popular he said because they are convenient and easy to use but he said there are now other greener alternatives available like eco-briquettes which they will be telling their customers about. The latest headlines from the RTÉ Newsroom – straight to your inbox.

Why did Bord na Mona stop making peat briquette?

Bord na Móna has confirmed that it has stopped peat harvesting for good, with the peat briquette to disappear from stores as soon as stock runs out. The company took the decision as part of its Brown to Green strategy, which will end fossil fuel use and focus on renewable energy.

Why was peat briquette used in World War 2?

The peat briquette was Ireland’s answer to fuel shortages in the wake of World War 2 and in time, with mechanisation, it became available to homes nationwide. Made from milled peat, Bord na Móna was producing millions of them every year in the midlands.