Are Cocteau Twins alive?

Are Cocteau Twins alive?

Are Cocteau Twins still making music? Sadly, no—not together, anyway. They parted ways in 1997, while recording what was to have been their final album. All three former members are now pursuing their own fruitful solo careers independent of one another.

Why did Cocteau Twins leave 4ad?

Fraser’s decision to pull out of the reformation was made for the same reasons that contribute to the band’s split in the first place: she could no longer face working with the group’s guitarist, Robin Guthrie – her lover until 1993, and the father of her first child.

Did Cocteau Twins have a drummer?

Robin Guthrie
Cocteau Twins/Drummers

Who are the members of the Cocteau Twins?

A single from the album Heaven Or Las Vegas. Cocteau Twins are Elizabeth Fraser (vocals), Robin Guthrie (guitars) and Simon Raymonde (bass). Loading…

When did the Cocteau Twins release their first album?

While a number of songs were partially recorded and possibly completed, the band has stated that they will likely never be finished or released in any form. In 1999 Bella Union, the record label founded by Guthrie and Raymonde, released a double-CD Cocteau Twins compilation entitled BBC Sessions.

How old was Guthrie when he joined the Cocteau Twins?

Guthrie and Heggie, both from Grangemouth, Scotland, formed the band in 1979. At a local disco called Nash in 1981, they met the 17-year-old Fraser, also from Grangemouth, who became the band’s vocalist.

When did Carolyn’s fingers by Cocteau Twins come out?

“Carolyn’s Fingers” became the band’s biggest hit in the U.S., peaking at No. 2 on Billboard ‘s Alternative Songs chart. The group released Heaven or Las Vegas in late 1990. The most commercially successful of their many recordings, the album rose to the higher reaches of the UK Albums Chart immediately after its release.